Garrett, Thief (Female Version, by Amber Casey) SteampunkTendencies. I like this for assassin garb

floor to ceiling books!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh

Home library with floor to ceiling book shelves and a ladder. I've wanted this since the first time I watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Whoa.... Red room of pain, yikes!

50 shades of grey, red room of pain. I had something totally different pictured in my head!

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The Glowing Triangle - kamasutra sex position - Sex positions - kamasutra sex positions -

Oscar Wilde - writer, poet, playwright, genius...

thevictorianlady: “ Oscar Wilde photographed by Napoleon Sarony, These photographs were taken in January of when Wilde had first arrived in America for his year long lecture tour.

She's got legs.

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books save lives - I want to frame this, made me tear up when I read it

Hot Sexy Girls Daily Updatet

This girl looks pretty but what is that face shes making haha im the kind of guy who will see the hottest girl and see her doing to much and call her out for it. Unless you're Chachi cause she is an angel

G. C. Cox     Walt Whitman     1889

P&FQ - Poetry and Fascinating Quotes: Poem - "This Dust was Once the Man." by Walt Whitm.