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"By the gods!" Oisin exclaimed in horror in realization. "You love her." Atreyu curled his hands into fists and looked to the ground, his eyes closing. "Is that so surprising?" "No," Oisin answered. "But she's the interest of Prince Mordred. How will you win her from him?" "I won't. Areha isn't a prize." "Well tell that to His Highness."

"By the Gods! You love her, don't you?" Gibbs asks Captain Jack. He flinches, a horrified expression on his face.Gibbs, what do I do? I'm utterly terrified of her, of what she makes me feel.Where's the rum?

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt

be happy as long as you can

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Prompt - A double agent who goes by two aliases has been assigned by each country to kill his alias on the opposite side. What an easy way to retire! Just disappear and both sides will assume their guy killed the other!