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Black Rock Shooter, Black Gold, Anime Art

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Black Rock Shooter by ~DigitalOme

Black Rock Shooter Fanart anime is very good. waiting for next episode if they have a plan to do and some process but in thai sorry [link] Fanart Black Rock Shooter

Teaser-A Song for Dad by LiyuConberma

When I was listening to this song, "A Song for Dad" by Keith Urban (I think this was recommended by one of you guys) I especially LOVE these lyrics: &nb. Teaser-A Song for Dad

Teen's Play Issue 1 Page 15-16 by on @deviantART

HOLY SHELL, YES, a new update, ladies and gentlemen! Man, that bg on the second page nearly killed me XP But it's totally worth it for you guys! Teen's Play Issue 1 Page

Teen's Play Issue 1 Page 35 by LiyuConberma

Teens-Childrens play favourites by on DeviantArt

Here you go! A NEW PAGE! For those who don't know, I have gotten myself an INTERNSHIP! XD But that also mean I would have more time to spend on this project, and also I'm busy with my current ...

Hope you like it, and my summer is drawing near! And my group film project is almost done, I would show it to you guys once it's c. Teen's Play Issue 1 Page 33

Children's Play doodles by on @deviantART

Some doodling of my upcoming remake of "Children's Play" Anyway, hope you enjoy these amount of adorableness of baby Silver, Sonic, and Shadow!