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Baileys Poke Cake

Chocolate On Chocolate Poke Cake- Veganize this, I would die for this made with Kahlúa! Try baileys and whipped cream for topping instead of frosting

Egg Breakfast Cups

Egg Breakfast Cups

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes ---- so basically, regular fluffy pancakes but in rings so they're thicker


Will you eat them?

That orange cat is the best! Food Art: orange cat, asparagus snail, and onion skunk. Bring these fruit and vegetable kitchen animals to life with your kids the next time it rains.

Gurkenkrokodil (Rezept mit Bild) von moosmutzel311 |


Gurken Krokodil - Gemüse Deko für Kinder *** Cucumber Crocodile - Deco Idea for…

For when you can't take the snow any longer. #drink #chocolate #easyrecipe #baileys #hotchocolate

Dirty Snowmen

Dirty Snowmen adult drink for New Year's Day weekend ~ made with Bailey's Irish Cream.for when you can't take the snow any longer.

Even Elsa couldn't resist this fudge. #kids #dessert #frozen #fudge #baking

Frozen Fudge

Witziges Fingerfood: Herz aus Tomaten mit Pfeil aus Käse

Cupid Kebabs: Let your kids make these simple tomato and cheese skewers and they just might fall in love with healthy snacking. Start by diagonally trimming away the ends of two grape tomatoes

10 super leckere Smoothie Rezepte! <3 <3 <3

Gesund war nie leckerer: DIESE 8 Smoothie-Rezepte musst du kennen!

Fitness Food - Great Fitness Ideas That You Can Implement Today! *** Learn more by visiting the image link.