Cats have always been the same…

History In Pictures ‏ In Pics Many centuries ago, a cat walked over an Italian manuscript, leaving its paw prints on the document forever.

Ooh snap. Captain Jack wins.

Ooh snap, Cpt. Sparrow wins!

This is epic!

Funny pictures about A very Portal Christmas tree. Oh, and cool pics about A very Portal Christmas tree. Also, A very Portal Christmas tree photos.

Now that's an umbrella lol

Rain-proof umbrella For those times when a regular umbrella isn't enough. 17 Hilariously Crazy and Brilliant Inventions Only Japan Could Have Thought Up I NEED one of these umbrellas!

Love Star Trek!

Star Trek Red Shirt - Button or Magnet or Keychain Bottle Opener

Diese 21 Bilder bringen Dich zum Lachen, egal wie schlimm Dein Tag war

Don’t beam me up Scotty I’m taking a shi. This is one of the most funny and creative bits of bathroom graffiti I have ever seen.

Unicorn Poo Lip Balm - 'Most mere mortals have never smelled the glittering, sweet essence that is unicorn poo. We've recreated it based on scientific reports of a few key elements–top notes of sweet strawberry and sugared grapefruit, middle notes of sliced banana, and bottom notes of kiwi. Poo has never been this sweet!'

Unicorn Poo Lip Balm - 'Most mere mortals have never smelled the glittering…

Shirts of the Day – Papa und Kind beweisen Stil

Funny ctrl c and ctrl v copy paste matching dad and kiddo t-shirt or bodysuit custom gift set