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Internet of Things - Telit #motiongraphics

Great idea for still images as well as motion graphics. Internet of Things. What is actually Internet? What could possibly happen during one minute using Internet?

Interface/Animation examples

capptivate - A kinetic pattern library that captured and preserved delightful iOS animations.

beech wood iPhone alarm dock

Remember those old, boxy alarm clocks that use to show us the time and wake us up with the obnoxious alarm? The Retro Beech Wood iPhone Alarm Clock Dock lets you merge that classic look with today's hi-tech gadgets, and you get to

An alarm clock that lets you leave glowing blue memos (or drawings) on an illuminated panel. Certainly more attractive than a sticky note.

The glowing memo alarm clock is the ultimate nightstand addition. Apart from the alarm and clock combo, this unique model includes a specialized glowing memo board and four USB ports located at the back so you can charge all your devices at once.

SmileAlarm / Michael Sambora

I hope I have enough cognitive powers when I open a shut eye and a sleepy brain to read the time. Or do I first internalize this user-interface design in my waking hours? But it looks pretty.