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I’m a kiwi who has eagerly travelled off and on for the last 8 years. My latest adventure is living permanently in a caravan and travelling around New Zealand! I’ve lived in London, Melbourne, Auckland and now call the whole of New Zealand home. I’ve got the travel bug and have visited South America, Iran, Russia, India, Turkmenistan, Japan, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Norway and more – my travel wish list keeps growing.
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Top New Zealand Campsites in the South Island

Top New Zealand Campsites in the South Island

Milford Sound in New Zealand is a fiordland with such amazingly beautiful scenery. Water is everywhere – waterfalls appear down the mountains after it rains, blue clear cool rivers, reflective lakes, snow even in summer and the sea comes in around the fractured land.

Amazingly Beautiful Milford Sound

Wairere Falls hike is the highest waterfall in New Zealand’s North Island near Matamata.

Wairere Falls outside of Matamata

Explore the edges of Auckland. An hour north takes you to Matakana area, were you can take a ferry ride, explore its many beaches and enjoy the markets, wineries and art galleries.

Waiheke Island Alternative - Matakana area

Iquitos & the Amazon Jungle

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Best South Island Destinations

Rotorua is a real surprise. Three walking spots plus great campsite.

Great Campground & Free Activities in Rotorua

Great Campground & Free Activities in Rotorua - Travelling K

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers - Tiny Camper trailers are becoming popular for campers wanting a way to camp without all the bothers of a large RV and all its mechanical concerns and expense. As many campers are searching for a way to have “just enough” the tiny teardrop trailer has all they many need without sacrificing comfort.

Top 5 Teardrop Campers - tiny, towable & fun

New Zealand summer can be chancy. It can be glorious with non-stop blue skies, or rain and more rain.

Rain, hail & sleet - a New Zealand summer

Best South Island Destinations

Waikato's Blue Spring Walk