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gente valiendo pito

gente valiendo verga 2.0 y más barato. xq vergas no puedo hacer 400 capítulos.

28 Cursed Images to Weird Yourself out of Your Skull

28 Cursed Images to Weird Yourself out of Your Skull - The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.

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Nostalgic Portraits Of 1970s Rebel Youth Captured By High-school Teacher

Before Joseph Szabo was a world renown photographer, he was a teacher at Malverne High School in Long Island. And on his first days at the job he figured that he's gonna need something special to catch the attention of his pupils. So he brought a camera into class.

Andy Biersack - American Satan

Photos of Andy Biersack lead singer of Black Veil Brides,Andy Black and in the Movie American Satan

TRUTH. [Book 2] [under editing] - 15

[continuation of DARE] People change and everything ends after you turn to the next chapter of a book. For Jungkook and Taehyung the book ended a while back..10 years in fact. Jungkook hasn't been able to keep a simple relationship scared of what happened with Taehyung will repeat the mistake he made. Taehyung changed himself and married and had a kid. Memories still haunt his sleep knowing what he is isn't who he was. They always thought of each other when they looked at the simplest things…

Andy Biersack...

Fotitos robables del sensual Andy Biersack, cantante de Black Veil Brides <3 <3

This is the famous photo of a couple kissing in the middle of the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots in 2011. She fell. He helped. They kissed. Love!

Chaos breeds closeness.

❤ ANDY ❤

Aquí subiré imágenes de Andy y quizá algunas noticias o datos.

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