Geboren 1940

Unser Start ins Leben im Jahr 1940 war ein schwieriger. Wir waren Kriegskinder, manche mussten ihre Heimat verlassen und flüchten, andere wurden ausgebombt und verloren ihre Familie. Viele Väter kamen nicht aus dem Krieg zurück. Unsere Mütter mussten Unvorstellbares leisten, um uns zu versorgen. Als wir heranwuchsen, besserten sich die Zeiten, und wir atmeten auf. Die 50er-Jahre brachten uns etwas Wohlstand, den Rock ‚n‘ Roll, Petticoat und Nietenhosen.
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Schwere Zeiten.

History In Pictures ‏ Unwanted babies for sale in Italy. Probably from unwed mothers, poverty-stricken families, or prostitutes. ------ so apparently you didn't need the black market if you wanted to sell a baby in Italy

Das Ende des Zeiten Weltkriegs wird gefeiert! Nochmal nachfühlen?

Statue of famous WWII kiss unveiled in Times Square to celebrate 65th anniversary of VJ-Day

life: “Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photograph of a sailor kissing a woman in Times Square, after news broke of the Japanese surrender in World War II, has lived a storied life since it was taken over 70 years ago. Often called “The Kiss,” it remains the.

Militärdamen aus den 40ern.

Funny pictures about When duck face was cute. Oh, and cool pics about When duck face was cute. Also, When duck face was cute.

Vivien Leigh im Jahr 1935. Mehr Stars der 40er Jahre

"Vivien Leigh in 1935 outside her house in England" Fur remained popular. A trend in makeup was the thin, highly arched eyebrow, exemplified here.

Elvis Presley. 50er Jahre auf

The King, Elvis. "Son, if you ever say another derogatory word about Elvis Aaron Presley in my presence again, I will kick the living shit out of you!

Die guten Nylonstrümpfe.

The Best Nylon Stockings and Where to Buy Them

"Are my seams straight"? I'm always impressed and surprised by how interesting stockings were in the and

Porsche 356 Coupé.

Porsche 356 Coupe 1950 Maintenance of old vehicles: the material for new cogs/casters/gears/pads could be cast polyamide which I (Cast polyamide) can produce

Androgyner Stil war in den 40er-Jahren sehr beliebt!

Women in menswear? Here is an interesting collection of vintage pictures that show cool girls in male clothing.

Mona Lisa kehrt nach dem Krieg 1945 zurück... Paris

La Mona Lisa , siendo transportada de nuevo al Louvre despues de terminada la Segunda Guerra . //The Mona Lisa being transported back to the Louvre after the end of WWII, 1945

Ginger Rogers und Fred Astaire. Mehr Stars der 40er Jahre

Icônes hollywoodiennes

Ein finnischer Soldaten mit Freunden 1942.

grannyhobbit: “ coisasdetere: “ A Finnish soldier becomes mother to two orphaned owls during the Finnish-Soviet Continuation War. ” I love this photo.

Laurel und Hardy. Mehr Stars der 30er und 40er-Jahre unter

Laurel and Hardy were a comedy double act during the early Classical Hollywood era of American cinema. The team was composed of thin Englishman, Stan Laurel and heavyset American, Oliver Hardy

Die Marx Brothers. Mehr Stars der 40er Jahre

The Marx Brothers Pose for a Publicity Portrait During Production of a Night at the Opera, 1935

The Marx Brothers Pose for a Publicity Portrait During Production of a Night at the Opera, 1935 Movies Photo - 30 x 41 cm