No dogs. No bicycles. No swimming. Watch me! I make my own rules. How to be a Rebel: A complete guide to Non-violent, Non-cooperation rebelion. Part 1

A little girl in bathing suit with her bike and her dog arrives at the beach only to find a sign that reads "No Dogs, No Bicycles, No Swimming"

Entdecke deine innere Kraft und Schönheit in dir selbst.

Entdecke deine innere Kraft und Schönheit in dir selbst.

Regardless of where we get our news, it is our responsibility to vet those sources. Left or Right - ALL media has an agenda - so we must watch the opposition too. When this administration bashes Fox News and tells us not to watch them, that's a sure sign you will see things on Fox that they do not want you to see. Like George Carlin says: Don't just teach your children to read...teach them to question what they read, teach them to question everything.

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe--George Orwell.**he was SO FAR AHEAD of his time and into ours.image by Political Follies

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