I'm in love with these woven circle patches from Chile-based textile designer Karen Barbé. They're so beautiful, you'll actually look forward to men


It's "Let's Go Camping" week at Summer Fun Camp Kids will learn how to craft a nature loom and cook s'mores in a solar oven made from a cardboard box.


Outdoor weaving, so cool - weaving is so much more than wool, or silk or those fibers that we buy at our favorite knitting shop. Fiber can be, and is, found everywhere . I love this outdoor weaving with wonderful fibers found in nature!

neuboheme:  Brook & Lyn Levi’s Series Weaving

Hand woven by Mimi Jung of Brook & Lyn. Part of a series of weavings commissioned by Levi's. Woven with denim scraps from the Levi's San Francisco tailor shop. Denim and cotton yarn on copper rods. Levi's Black 16 x Rod 18 x 27