"Cute baby monkey" is a previous comment. This cutie is actually an ape, chimpanzee maybe.

22+ Sleepy Kittens Doing What They Do Best – Sleep

22+ Sleepy Kittens Doing What They Do Best – Sleep

cat ♥

* * " Yer kiddin, rights? Since whens did me becomes de bird's caretaker?

Pandas! Pandas everywhere!

Lunch time…

Cute baby pandas drinking milk from the feeder bottle! Universal needs for all babies.

Look At My Baby Isn`t He Beautiful

Mama otter showing off her baby. The mama has a very sweet face!

Chinese Silkie Chicken, my fave type of chook, when I was little I raised chickens, we would get up at 5am to help them hatch out of their shells, and they make me smile, but I don't like ducks, just to be clear. - Click image to find more Animals Pinterest pins

Baby Albatross - (This is being pinned as a variety of species. Most recently, I saw it pinned as a baby owl even though the beak is not an owls.