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The golden age of colonial Paris 1889

Castor Troy - Paris Steampunk 1889 - The Colonial Office - Paris 1889 will continue to grow. This is the Colonial Office (Ministère des colonies).

The Treasure Cave. | Flickr : partage de photos !

A Treasure Cave. *Edit, This creation won first place in the First Lego Landscape contest.

"Jedi Search - 5/5 : The Master" by Inthert: Pimped from Flickr

Hidden deep within the jungles of Yavin Luke Skywalker gathers his first four students under the ancient Massassi structure: ‘The Praxeum Arch’ to begin their training…"

Milan Sekiz a version of Utopia, which is one of the most gorgeous builds of the year. The home and landscape are bursting with color, and make for a peaceful place to gather one’s thoughts.

Lately I need place like this in my life, but I can only afford to build it with legos. All started with water and bridge across it. I like how bridge looks and small color changes in water texture. I hope you will find this MOC nice and peaceful as I do.