Yukiino Kirishimasama

Yukiino Kirishimasama

Yukiino Kirishimasama
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Cute anime girl in rain .

Suprise kiss

30 Day Anime Challenge - Day Favorite Anime Couple - Tsumugu and Chisaki from Nagi no Asukara/A Lull in the Sea

There's much more worth in a man's heart than it is in his mind. The question is... Am I still human?

Such a pretty drawing of Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul ~ DarksideAnime

Kaneki & Haise & Genderbend Kaneki and Haise || would those be their female names too?

Kaneki & Haise & Genderbend Kaneki and Haise

Touka and Kaneki

Eto and Noro _Tokyo Ghoul

Noro and Eto, Tokyo Ghoul.I'm so hooked on It!

Einhorn *^*

The Last Unicorn - Lady Amalthea Large Print