Beautifully Organized Pantry

Beautifully Organized Pantry - Spruced up the pantry without a drop of paint! Using contact paper and wallpaper, along with pretty clear containers and jars to…

Cleaning Tips - used two other shoe holders to store our paper towels and our toilet paper. The skinny one holds a total of ten rolls of paper towels and the other one 18 rolls of toilet paper. There are pockets on both sides of the “toilet paper holder”, I used the back pockets for bathroom hygiene products like shampoo, toothbrushes, soap, and toothpaste. So easy to restock and it take so little space. (found on amazon)

Cleaning Tips - DIY Cleaning Closet

Small closets present big challenges. But there are a bevy of brilliant organizing solutions you can employ to make even the most diminutive closet a storage workhorse. Check out the genius ideas we found in these 15 creative closets.

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IKEA Billy Bookshelf Pantry - how to organize your pantry using bookshelves, jars stackable organizers, printable labels


Kitchen pantry storage ideas can often be limited and cluttered. The options for organization and kitchen pantry storage ideas are endless; the key is picking the ones that work best for your space, your style and your family's eating habits.