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Eine Weinflasche in einen Blumentopf verwandeln? Das geht tatsächlich. Du kannst es komplett selber machen und es ist auch ein ziemlich einfacher Life-Hack. Probier es doch einfach mal aus! Klick einfach auf's Bild um zur Anleitung zu kommen. |

Glass Bottle planter Use a piece of ground cover cloth at the opening to keep the soil in place, pull thick string through to work as a wick. And could add a little fertilizer to the water for plant food. Plastic pop bottles will work too.

Image of ALEX 3-axis junction - natural finish - brass thumb screws

Engineering techniques / brass thumbscrews add colour and class to the object / interesting join of square timber / the 3 way connection is tight all round, well made! Maybe something for Printer Chat?