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Die Seele hat die Farbe deiner Gedanken. Das Glück deines Lebens hängt von der Beschaffenheit deiner Gedanken ab. Es ist entweder wahnsinnig oder brillant
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I have been thinking I would like alternate animal types. just gives my world a little more bite -Z Indian Roller Feonix adopt by Tatchit

Muay Thai --- This one is already ongoing. On defense & in flight combat moves now :)

Muay Thai knee strike refers to fighting and also the eight limbs. In Muay Thai the eight limbs are very vital as they are the key to fighting, this picture shows the knee limb which connects with the piece of work that I am doing. The layout of this knee

* by Olga Barantseva

Russian Photographer Creates Magical Fairytale Photos Using Real Wild Animals Photos) - I Can Has Cheezburger?

Fire dragon by Vasylina on DeviantArt

Fire dragon by Vasylina. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits



I absolutely love this bridal kokoshnik and veil. It adds an air of nobility to the ceremony.


Buakaw por Pramuk, one of the greatest Muay Thai champions, demonstrating his deadly knee kick technique.