Creative kitchen gadgets

Creative kitchen gadgets

My cat would love that

14 Photos of Fancy Cat Furniture (and Tips on How to Recreate the Designs


Bookshelf easy to move sections to stand up against a wall in my dorm/apartment for storage!

Nebulas im Glas Deko Farbenspiel

I thought you might like that, guys. So beautiful


DIY cat tree inspiration: The thick rope wrapped around the bases of the tree branches is a neat idea Tap the link Now - All Things Cats! Stand Out in a Crowded World!

DIY Möbel aus Europaletten – 101 Bastelideen für Holzpaletten - holz paletten möbel selbst basteln DIY ideen  wand

DIY furniture made from old pallets - such a great idea to decorate your home by upcycling old stuff /// Möbel aus Europaletten – Tolle Bastelideen zum Dekorieren

Geniale DIY Wohn-Ideen auf

DIY-Deko: Zauberhafte Ideen zum Selbermachen

DIY - wooden coat rack from a branch product_design furniture_design. Cute and creative. - Home Decoz

Lampe aus Treibholz

Gorgeous twig and branch light fixture, perfect for an eclectic living room. Treibholz Elke Paus- when we go to the beach we could collect these and I know I could make this!

Traumhaft !

Funny pictures about Awesome bathroom floor. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome bathroom floor. Also, Awesome bathroom floor photos.

Wimpelkette - Holz - Bambus

Gallery of The Green Village / IBUKU - 8

DIY Trunk wine cabinet #DIY #furniture

DIY vintage trunk to rolling bar project. The idea of cutting up vintage luggage for crafts irks me almost as much as the idea of cutting up vintage books for crafts. However, this is amazing and I'm not doing anything with those trunks anyway.

Mechanical celestial and terrestrial globe, 16th century.

Mechanical celestial and terrestrial globe, France? This fine openwork celestial sphere faithfully reproduces Dürer’s engravings of the southern and northern hemispheres.

Schöner Natur Kletterbaum für Katzen

White Birch wall cat tree I like this item because it natural looking and brings something unexpected. I have two cats so I would like something comfortable/attractive for them to lounge on.