Penguins Art Project

Penguins Art Project & Unit

This is an activity that students with many different learning and motor challenges can do. Pre-cut some of the pieces for the more affected student. Read more about this cute craft at: www.


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Winter Value Landscapes: Similar to the tints and shades lesson.

Art with Ms. Gram: Winter Value Landscapes it used those books Snowmen at Night as a reference. Cute book and fun art.a winner!

Zeichnen …

Paintbrush Rocket: Ton Schulten Grade Cityscapes using paper, tempera paint, and white to create tints.

Kunst in der Grundschule:,Blumenwiese

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A Colorful Kids Art Quilt using Paper Snowflakes - B-Inspired Mama

A Kids Art Quilt Full of Paper Snowflakes

Make a colorful kids art quilt using paper snowflakes. It's the perfect craft to do with the kids on a snow day, too!