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Abi Sangarab

Abi Sangarab
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Cacao and coffee shop by faxdoc

Today is a good day to remember how much Petter ‘Faxdoc’ Ramstad improved in 1 year since last Christmas. Will you practice a lot in Feature article: Progress and Inspiration of Faxdoc

Pedro Medeiros is creating Pixel Art and other Game Dev stuff | Patreon

Official Post from Pedro Medeiros: Hello again!People seem to really want a walk/run tutorial, so here's one! Walk/run are very complicated animations so I did my best to come up with the simplest run I could.

Motion Design and Illustration: Loopy by MUTI

This is the second part of our Looping GIFs series with more in the pipeline. Everyone enjoys a good looping GIF animation, however, there are those GIFs that hypnotise…

Moving Pictures on Behance

About Moving PicturesMoving Pictures is an animated tribute to best picture nominees.