Say it before you run out of time. Say it before its too late. Say what youre feeling. Waiting is a mistake.

Say It Before You Run Out Of Time. Waiting Is A Mistake

Very true quote."Say it before it's too late.Say what you're feeling".I say what I feel.but I wash too late.Waiting is a mistake.

Persönlichkeit: aktiv, energisch, freundlich, rational, optimistisch, sentimental und unkompliziert.

Bella you make my heart smile more than anyone or anything ever has,I love you big baby girl ♥

Das ist ein einzigartiges Gefühl! -Aber Glück ist es erst dann, wenn man dieses Gefühl mit jemandem teilen kann!

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Happiness is, when the mind dances, the heart breathes, and the eyes love.

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