Ethereal bowls made from the skeletons of maple and other leaves are the latest addition to Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi’s impressive portfolio. While she is most famous for her labor-intensive loom works, Sekimachi creates these sylvan masterpieces by adding Kozo paper, watercolor and Krylon coating to the leaves, giving them solid form.

Ethereal bowls frm maple & other leave skeletons, Kay Sekimachi, sylvan pcs by adding Kozo paper, watercolor & Krylon coating 2 leaves 4 a solid form

Salvaged varnished wood with scratches and marks left by wear

L’H Collection by Viva Recycled varnished wood with scratches and marks left by wear


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Gruta de la Cascada de la Cola de Caballo (beautiful cave in Spain)

This place called as " Monastery of Stone ", And it's a nature reserve in Spain, in the province of Saragossa. It is a place that there are many cascades and caves. There is a National State-run hotel (Hotel) in what was the ancient monastery.


I love this custom flair bench by Colorado Springs custom furniture artist Brian Hubel.