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Reddit user Proteon shared a fantastic image that itemizes all the ports, connectors, sockets, cards, slots and cables you’ll need to identify when piecing your baby together. The valuable resource quickly reached the front page of /r/pics.

Computer Hardware Chart: This is more a "photo- graphic" rather than an infographic. It's about a chart gathering the hardware ïntelligence both for computer freaks that love tuning and for new bees who wondering what the hell is in this box.

Cookie.Peste #Photography #black and white

This is an example of material because you can see what kind of material is used in a match while it's on fire. This photo contains texture, up close, and black and white.

useful chart if you're ever in need, or if your having one of those "Which port is that" moment.

Port - Most input/output devices are outside the computer case. These devices communicate with components inside the computer case through a wireless connection or through pcables attatched to the case at a connection called a port.

Deutschland ist voller wundersamer und beeindruckender Landschaften, die über Jahrmillionen entstanden sind. Wir zeigen 29 einzigartige Naturwunder.

Some major landforms of Europe include the Alps, Balkan Peninsula, Iberian Peninsula, Danube River and Northern European Lowlands. The landforms that create the boundary between Europe and Asia.