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new year's eve, many make crafts for the new year, or at least try to cut out snowflakes from paper. i suggest that you several options for how to cut snowflake

Anleitung für Weihnachtssterne aus Papier - so gelingen schöne Weihnachtssterne auch mit Kindern! Basteln rocks. http://www.meinesvenja.de/2012/11/29/weihnachtssterne/

christmas craft : how to make paper snowflakes. snowflakes are so pretty and its so easy to make paper snowflakes in different designs, using just a sheet of pa

Weihnachtssterne basteln

Weihnachtssterne basteln

Post Shared by: Juny and Milo My grandmother Teresina celebrated her Birthday on December 6 and is probably one of the eldest EtsyKid.

Vielleicht was für Kim

Chalet N Oberlech Im Herzen der Alpen

Scratch your travels with this gorgeous original watercolor world map. Bright, bold & interactive wall art that will fit any size frame. Use a coin to scratch off the foil to reveal the bright colors of the countries you’ve visited seattlestravelsho.