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Adam Kaluza

Adam Kaluza
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Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa/La Gioconda (Kopie von Francesco Melzi oder Andrea Salai)

webnerds: “ The Mona Lisa’s Twin Painting Discovered Side by side, the pictures look noticeably different: The copy is significantly brighter and more colorful; even Mona Lisa’s famously coy smile.

Leonardo da Vinci - Der heilige Hieronymus

Leonardo da Vinci - The sacred Hieronymus

Leonardo da Vinci - Madonna mit der Spindel (Madonna mit der Garnrolle)

Leonardo in London: Da Vinci comes to the National Gallery – in pictures

Leonardo da Vinci - Madonna in der Felsengrotte (zweite Fassung)

Buy prints of The Virgin of the Rocks (with the Infant St. John adoring the Infant Christ accompanied by an Angel) by Leonardo da Vinci online.