Detail, Wedding gown by Worth, 1880s. Tying the Knot: Cleveland Wedding Fashions, 1830-1980  Through February 14, 2013

An Charles Frederick Worth wedding gown worn around I loved the dramatic elaborate style to this dress and I also liked the soft baby pink colour of the garment. The ruffles of the dress give the dress more depth and texture.

Mirror.  Verdigris  From the deepest Teal green and richest turquoise of…

From the deepest Teal green and richest turquoise of Robin's Egg to the palest Duck Egg, Eau de Nil and softest Sea Foam aqua - a serene and tranquil colour palette. The Paper Mulberry: Verdigris Above image: Architectural Antiques LASSCO

Stays, 1660-1670.  Source: V Museum, London.  #stays #17th century #costume #history #1600s

Stays and busk

Stays and busk 1660 - 1670 Pink watered silk (English or Italian), backed with linen, stitched with pink silk thread and reinforced with whalebone.

Neoteric Victorian Vestures - The Russian Vogue December 2012 Issue Showcases Extravagant Opulence (GALLERY)

Neoteric Victorian Vestures