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Crochet Pug rug by peanutbutterdynamite on Etsy... I want to make the pillow...doesn't look too hard!!

Crochet Pug rug by peanutbutterdynamite on Etsy. I want to make the pillow.

Swirls and Sprinkles: free crochet afghan letter block A pattern A B C D and E

I don't know that all the letters will actually be posted in alphabetical order, but the first batch is. :) These patters are for croche.

Geode Cakes: Der schönste Torten-Trend des Jahres

Step aside, traditional white wedding cakes, geode cakes are taking over now! Covered in stunning edible crystals, these rocky confections have become the ultimate bridal must-haves this season, making brides say goodbye to the buttercream frosting and.

We're wrapping up our week of edible (yet unspeakable) horrors with these Lovecraft inspired Cthulhu Cakes. Tentacles Behold the simple beauty of smooth fondant with just a hint of eldrich horror. ...

Ie Ie Cthulhu Fhtagn! My bf asked me to do this cthulhu cake. That's chocolate fudge cake with peanutbutter filling :P Covered with (.


My little pony cake topper: How to make a fondant Rainbow dash gum paste model. In this cake decorating tutorial I show you how to make a my little pony cake.