Anja Eberhart

Anja Eberhart
Cologne Germany / ART- Paintings on Linen Wood and Drift Wood
Anja Eberhart
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Blue Titmouse with Sunflower Heart, he's keeping warm being fluffed up, he just looks fat. by Natures Haven. love puffy little birds

Snake Ranch | Isamu Noguchi

hirshhorn: “ Daily Art Shot of ∞): Isamu Noguchi, “Lunar Landscape,” A landscape sculpture drawn from the imagination of the artist after several months in a Japanese-American internment camp, isolated in the desert during WWII.

Two Amish girls telling secrets.

We don't believe that little children need to wear a covering Corinthians but the Amish people do have that conviction.

Rotkehlchen - Jahreszeiten - Galerie - Community

Rotkehlchen - Jahreszeiten - Galerie - Community

Robin posing | Christmas card photo of a Robin on a Post. I … | Flickr

Christmas card photo of a Robin on a Post. I found that this little bird is especially fond of Brioche.

Audrey Hepburn

missingaudrey: ““ Audrey Hepburn on the set of Charade, 1963 ” ”