Cherry and Plum blossoms, Japan

A beautiful lake with blooming trees and a nice deck to walk on~ Serenity oh this is so me, a beautiful natural setting with water, flowers & a seat I'm there ❤️

Frühling Foto, Magnolia Baum Blume blüht, Pastel, Rosa und blau, Feminine, Muttertag - ein bisschen flirten

Magnolia Print, Nature Photography, Flower Photography, Pink Magnolia, Gift for Mom, Spring Decor, Floral Wall Art "A Little Flirt"

Spring Photograph, Magnolia Tree Flower Blossoms, Pastel, Pink and Blue.

Narzisse 'Diversity' - Wir haben nicht geschummelt, gefilert, bildbearbeitet: Dies sind tatsächlich rosafarbene Narzissen! // Der Onlineshop für Blumenzwiebeln

A split-corona collar daffodil with a yellow and pink ruffled center and white perianth. Fragrant and beautiful, it has received top honors from the Royal Horticulture Society. Available as Dutch-grown bulbs at Park Seed now;