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20 Funny Examples of Cat Logic

20 Funny Examples of Cat Logic Tap the link Now - All Things Cats! - Treat Yourself and Your CAT! Stand Out in a Crowded World!

True Facts

Valuable charts full of very true facts. Yet the amount of time spent on this is hilarious!

Die 10 besten Autokorrektur Fails! - Home des Tages 20.08.2015 | Funzentrale

I was thinking (in my head) about how I would like to be able to "plug in" to something and just magically absorb the German lang. (for a future course I MUST take) and this pops up as a "suggestion". Okay SATAN, enough "unknowable knowledge" lolz

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Compilation of some animal puns. Enjoy 15 hilarious jokes on photos of animals that look like laughing.

The Great Wall of Pun | Pun Jokes

" I'm jammin, I hope you love jammin too " The printer is obviously a Bob Marley fan 😜

Random Acts of Genius Vandalism

Random Acts of Genius Vandalism Shadow thinks ths is very funny indeed. And Shadow is not sure it is vandalism . (seems sort of an artistic expression .