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a light bulb with the words in spanish above it and an image of a lampbulb
someone is writing something in their hand with the caption, una peca artesanal levia para suas uma history que continturara sendo por voce
Belas Mensagens
the words are written in different languages and have hearts on them for valentine's day
Art: artesanato
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the words as nossas mais traduzem o que est no corao
Belas Mensagens
Humor, Propaganda, Costura
a woman sitting at a desk with papers in front of her and the words, ela seque plena apesar bolletos
Natal, Ha Ha, Amor, Literatura
Feliz Natal 2017
#motivação #frasesmotivacionais Motivation, Mural, Positivity
the words in spanish are written on white paper with blue, yellow and orange stripes
a white and grey cat with yellow eyes sitting on the ground in front of an emoticive caption
an orange and black handwritten phrase on a white background with the words so largos
a sunset with clouds and the sun in the sky, above it is a quote
the words are written in spanish on a white background with floral designs and black lettering
Frases Tristes para Facebook
Snoopy, Bom Dia, Emotions
an illustration with flowers and the words, paro que tudo fuu tarques do
an image of a little squirrel holding onto a leaf
colorful sticky notes with words written on them in spanish and english, set against a white background
Para lembrar todos os dias!
a yellow card with a cartoon duck on it's face and the words te gosto
a child in a purple hoodie with the words, eta que saudade de tu
Memes Quotes, Novelty Christmas, Christmas Ornaments
a plate with some writing on it and other things in the background that are hand painted
Prato Receita Prato de Parede Decorado
a white cat wearing a mardi gras mask with the caption boom dia
a drawing of a red and yellow lighter
the words are written in different languages and flowers on top of each other, as well as an image of a flower
a wooden sign hanging on the side of a brick wall with a cat and kitten's face
a hand holding a sign on the beach saying, casa do gato tem uns humanos nombres aou aquarium
Casa do Gato
a hand sanitizer sprays hearts on a white background with the words love written in spanish
O Elefante - Sos Professor Atividades Em 2021 580
a cactus with the words nota do dia on it and a sun in the background
Eu resisto aos desertos
Bebe, Thats All Folks, Pins