auch mit Händen schön

Family footprints at the beach ~ fun vacation pic idea Doing this while we have the sand


Love kids number shirts for birthdays. Would make a great gift with all the cousins in it

Dorota Drzewiecka makes oversized silk pieces that mimick the iconic colors and patterns found on delicate butterfly wings.

Ethereal Hand-Painted Silk Scarves Give You Gracefully Fluttering Butterfly Wings

Dorota Drzewiecka wants you to float like a butterfly with her collection of ethereal, hand-painted scarves. The oversized silk pieces flutter and flow thr

Rezept: Gesunde & vegane Schokolade mit Mandeln selber machen

I am in love with this photo. I think that this was such a creative idea the way they made the illusion that there were millions of birds in the jar who are finally free. I think it was such a neat idea

12 Photography Basics for Portrait Photography: 40 Examples

12 Photography Basics for Portrait Photography: 40 Examples

Michelle Phan DIY eyelash serum for thicker longer eyelashes: castor oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E