baby treatment

Some of these perpetuate things that we do not want to perpetuate. the rest are funny and make me realize that there are, indeed, parenting choices that we can all agree are good, and bad :)

life of t-rex

Partnersuche - Männer und Frauen im Vergleich - Win Bild

T-Rex Joke. I love the smile the poor T-rex has when he realizes he CAN play the ukulele!


Twins--we want two of a kind--LOL Boys or is Your call LORD. Buy one, get one free Amber. "D" Gram Someone have twins so I can buy them these!

conserve energy energie sparen

Energie sparen - Fun Bild

Funny pictures about Conserve energy. Oh, and cool pics about Conserve energy. Also, Conserve energy.


Job Interview- wish I could just say this and get hired! (love this movie)

chicken egg :)

Funny pictures about My feeling when I'm making chicken. Oh, and cool pics about My feeling when I'm making chicken. Also, My feeling when I'm making chicken.

wlan friendzone

In der Friendzone - Fun Bild

wlan friendzone


a bunch of damn crybabies that want to tell everyone else how to live their lives, and when we don't comply they cry!


So rechtfertigt sich das Honorar - Fun Bild


Frauen, die behaupten, dass sie von vielen Männern geliebt bzw. verehrt werden - Fun Bild