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[Infographic] 11 Weird And Wonderful Uses For Docker

Docker is all the rage today—for more reasons than you would expect. Learn more about some interesting Docker use cases.

auToMaToN — Primum Non Nocere — Medium

From a subtle, periodic route handler refresh that cripples a web server to a syntax error that breaks a login form, failure is inherent to engineering.

Docker Overlay Networks: That was Easy — On Docker — Medium

DR Treat Docker containers like hosts on overlay networks. Build overlay networks with a single Docker command. Still disable ICC.

idolize/redux-requests · GitHub

idolize/redux-requests · GitHub

Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame — JavaScript Scene — Medium

5 Questions Every Unit Test Must Answer – JavaScript Scene – Medium

tus 1.0 - Changing the future of file uploading

tus - Changing the future of file uploading

thebakeryio/meteor-ddp-monitor · GitHub

meteor-devtools - ⚡Chrome Dev tools extension for Meteorjs apps

calico-docker/ at master · projectcalico/calico-docker · GitHub

Project Calico - Secure Networking for the Cloud Native Era

A cartoon intro to Redux — Code Cartoons — Medium

One thing that causes even more confusion than Flux is the difference between Flux and Redux, a pattern that was inspired by Flux. In this article I’ll explain the differences between the two.

Client Side Alerts with Bert | The Meteor Chef

In this recipe, we'll be helping our pretend user Peter Venkman export his data from a social network called Blerg. We'll learn how to help him get data out of our application and packaged up as a .zip file containing XML, HTML, and CSV files.

Quick Tip: The Simplest Way To Center Elements Vertically And Horizontally | Tutorialzine

The Simplest Way To Center Elements Vertically And Horizontally Coding Code CSS Flexbox HTML Resource Web Design Web Development

Mixins Are Dead. Long Live Composition — Medium

When React came out, everybody freaked out. The introductory post made it clear that mixins are on their way out: One can read this as “mixins will come later” but the truth is that Sebastian…