Reindeer Wrap

Beautiful wrapping embellished with personal touches makes gifts even more thoughtful. While some look at gift wrapping as a chore,.

Money Gift Idea

Money Gift Idea ~ Can’t Live on Pizza Alone. A perfect gift for graduation, somebody about ready to go off to college, birthday or anytime (Diy Gifts For Teenagers)

Wrapping Ideas: Teddy Bear Box

9 Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas and Solutions

Perfect gift for boyfriend or husband on Valentine's day or and anniversary. Write out letters to your husband for him to open at different times throughout the year. My husband loved this!

Altho men are lying, cheating, no good pieces of shit.this is a great idea.(when we were dating,bc marriage ruins everything)

DIY Tutorial: Anleitung für ein traumhaftes Geschenkset: Traum-Erfüller aus Pusteblumenkugeln. Für jeden Monat des Jahres ein Wunsch! Samenkugel vorsichtig entnehmen, pusten & wünschen! Toll für Kinder zum Geburtstag, oder?

DIY Tutorial: Put 12 dandelion flowers in a jar for each month you wish. Take the flower gently, blow the seeds and make your wish!

Chocolate Box of Money and tons of other creative ways to give money!

Creative ways to give cash as a gift!money (multiple ideas listed, one is in a chocolate box!

Kisses For You | Easy DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him | Handmade Valentines Day Gifts for Him

"Kisses for You" Valentines. Cut out lipstick kiss marks and write sweet notes on the back as a cute Valentine's Day gift. Also perfect for anniversary gifts :)!