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two figurines sitting next to each other with horns on their heads
Striking Ceramic Sculptures of Human-Animal Hybrids Explore Relationship Between People and Nature
a vase with pictures of people on it sitting on a white table next to a gray wall
I felt bad that I felt bad for him
a white bowl with black drawings on it
a black and white plate with an image of a cat on it
Креативный дуэт Vicky Lindo и его работы в технике «сграффито»: 22 забавных котика: Идеи и вдохновение в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
two bowls with designs on them are sitting on shelves next to each other in the same room
Doodle Wares Photo Album on My Flickr
flora chang
a ceramic figurine of a woman wearing white sweater and brown pants with red shoes
Kirsten Brünjes in 28217 Bremen.
Kirsten Brünjes - Japanerin
a stuffed monkey sitting on the ground with its eyes closed and hands behind it's head
Kirsten Brünjes - Eingehaekelt
a small stuffed animal is posed on its hind legs
Kirste Bruenjes - Chihuahua
a blue and white plate with a woman's face in the center on it
Andrea Dezsö - sketchbook plates
a ceramic head with red hair and white teeth
livin' everyday livin' like it's thanksgivin'
Sandra Trujillo.
six plates with different designs on them are lined up in the same pattern as each other
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of charlotte mei
two fish shaped bowls sitting on top of each other
Andrew Ludick’s Ceramics.
andrew ludick. fish bowls
a vase with a woman sitting on top of it
Red Weldon Sandlin Love’s TEAny Lure: A Mermaid’s Tale 2007 Ceramic13.25 x 9 x 6.25 in.
red and white paper cut art work with animals, birds and other things on it
William De Morgan tiles