Let there be light

65 Pins
an open kitchen and dining area with white counter tops, black chairs and bar stools
a chandelier hanging from the side of a stair case
Pembrooke & Ives, Interior Design Firm in New York, NY
Lampe im Treppenhaus
a light that is on top of a table
Helios LED Table Lamp
Helios Table Lamp - Urban Outfitters
three brass colored lights hanging from the ceiling
GUBI is a design company dedicated to celebrating the luxury of living life.
Multi-Lite Collection by Gubi, Denmark. 1972 design by Louis Weisdorf.
a black and white photo of three lamps
alvin lustig
a white light sitting on top of a metal stand
Lula da tavolo | Penta
Lamps with metal structure in the colours: satin gold or tobacco varnished. Shade in blown white glass.
three different colored lights sitting on top of a table
Modern Table & Desk Lamps
a wall light that is on the side of a wall next to a blue wall
Riddle Wall Light Single
a blue floor lamp with an orange cord attached to the base and one light on top
Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design | Dezeen
Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design
two lights hanging from the ceiling in a room with dark blue walls and flooring
Paul Matter's Tango lighting features satellite-shaped shades
Lumiere by Paul Matter
three different types of lights hanging from the ceiling, one being held by two hands
LG Display OLED Classic - the classic light bulb re-shaped using OLED technology.
a floor lamp with a donut shaped object on it's base and a white background
Atelier Biagetti
Parabola lamp - Atelier Biagetti
a yellow vase sitting on top of a white table next to a light that is turned on
Angelo Mangiarotti . for Fratelli Brambilla Milano, 1975