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I wear this smile everyday he goes out of his way to make sure I'm smiling and laughing. Ain't that live when we both can still make each other smile after all these years~my baby❤️


You live but once; you might as well be amusing. Coco Chanel This quote is typed onto a piece of cream colored cardstock on a 1939 German typewriter. Perfect for scrapbooking, framing, or other creative, vintage inspired crafts or projects!

How is it possible that out of all the Little Girls in the world we got the best one13"x14" hand painted wood sign for girls - girls room

How is it possible that out of all the Little Girls in the world we got the best hand painted wood sign for girls - girls room with PAISLEE MONROE!


Some days I feel like I am in the right track; moving forward abs forgetting about the past. Other days it's like a knife to the heart and a fight to move forward. A struggle to forget the past and move forward.

Done this many times

Best collections of Despicable me minions quotes and funny sayings. and I hope you gonna like it. These funny minions gonna make your day special.

And I always will it was like I was struck by lightning

I couldn't help myself but to kiss him and for the first time in my life a first kiss felt good and felt right. It just validated my feelings about the very first time I saw him, "he's the one I want to keep forever.

Never push a loyal person..

This is so true - I was tortured to the point where I no longer cared to have relationships with ANY family of origin. "Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a damn.


Winnie The Pooh Quote: Once in awhile someone amazing comes along.and here I am -Tigger

wow i have never looked at it this way

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Every women is beautiful even if you can/cant see her ribs or collar bone. saying a skinny girl is not beautiful is just as bad as saying a fat one isnt beautiful

You do make me smile more than I ever have... When I get your texts, my phone rings and it's your ringtone, when I pass you in the mornings, when you walk to my truck and climb in... the list goes on and on... I love you so much!!  Thank you for making my cheeks hurt!!

Love Quotes: Romantic Quotes about Love

It& awesome at that first moment when our eyes meet, and I see that smile on your face, and I feel it come across mine. Every single time baby.

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My best friend Courtney has been here for ever and I hope she stays till my life is over. I don't know what I would do without her she's my BestFriend/Sister. She's just the most amazing friend EVER. It sucks if your not friends with her.) I love you

We have ups and downs but I know Isaias loves me. We found the real meaning of true love. And it will always be my favorite.

Quotes about Love : "Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite" love quote with Scrabble…