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two girls looking at craft items with the words 15 best things to sell at crafts for profits
15 Best Sellers At Craft Fairs To Make A Profit
the words don't break these 3 laws when selling crafts in front of them
Don't Break these 3 Laws when Selling Crafts
some blue and white purses are on display with the words odd display tricks i use at craft shows that you should try to
Odd Display Tricks I Use at Craft Shows
These are little tricks I picked up from my visual merchandising training and experience that can be applied to craft show displays. They're not the most talked about merchandising lessons but they help me make improvements.
two girls looking at artwork with the words how to take the awkward out of craft show selling
How To Take the "Awkward" Out of Craft Show Selling
Selling at craft shows can feel a little awkward for most people. You must stand inches away from customers as they shop. Here are 7 tips to make you and shoppers more comfortable.
some people standing in front of tents with the words swag ideas to help promote your business at craft shows
Swag Ideas to Help Promote your Business at Craft Shows
Adding a promotional item to craft show swag bags can be a good way to market your business...if you contribute the right type of item. Here are some tips.
blue and white purses with the words your craft fair display should follow this one rules
Your Craft Fair Display Should Follow This One Rule
If you're going to follow one guideline when planning your craft fair display, let it be the one explained in this article so you can increase your sales.
a crowd of people standing around tables with food and drinks on them in an indoor market
Craft Show Advice Shared by Organizers
These are the do's and don'ts every craft show organizer hopes every vendor follows for a successful event.
three baskets filled with food and the words 3 things advanced craft show displays communicate how to take your display to the next level
3 Things Advanced Craft Show Displays Communicate
a display case with many different earrings hanging from it's sides on the floor
a pile of office supplies with the words how to start a conversation with anyone and open the doors to sell
How to Sell Handmade to Anyone at a Craft Show - Made Urban
the words types of products that are in demand at craft shows
Types of Products that are In Demand at Craft Shows
the craft fair vendor checklist is shown in red and white with an ornate border around it
Craft Fair Vendor Sales Tips and Booth Ideas
a group of people standing around tents with the words how much inventory should you take to a craft show?
How Much Inventory to Take to a Craft Show or Fair?