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Edible Egg-less Chocolate Chip Cookie dough is safe to eat, right out of the bowl! No baking required! Rich, gooey, yummy cookie dough!
The Magic Muffin Mix! 1 Recipe for 4 Different Muffins!
Whole Wheat Strawberry Muffins | | #muffin #breakfast #strawberry #wholewheat
Mmm strawberries dipped in Greek yogurt and frozen?! Yes, please. These would make sure a sweet snack! Everything in Transit posted this, and I really can't wait to make this delicious and easy tre...
25 Healthy Main Dish Recipes from 25 easy, healthy recipes your family will love! #recipes #healthy #food
German Cucumber Salad -- Ideal recipe option for all the fans of fresh/healthy food! You’ll certainly like this great German salad with raw onions. It’s easy in making and it doesn’t take you long to chop/mix everything and enjoy the taste of the meal
Easy Avocado Provolone Turkey Wraps. Made This Morning For My Daughters Lunch, She Came Home Asking If I Could Make More!! SOO Easy, The Kids LOVE This Healthy Lunch Recipe!
Healthy Vegan Brownie Batter Oatmeal- A quick, delicious #breakfast which has the TASTE and TEXTURE of brownie batter- #vegan #glutenfree #highprotein and with a #sugarfree option! -
Chocolate Chip Yogurt Cookies. No butter is required for these chocolate chip loaded cookies, but they are equally soft. No magic here, Greek yogurt makes a perfect swap. Even better, use stevia for sugar and dark choc chips!