somthing that could add on to my arm tattoo..

My wedding flowers. Maybe use this for a cover up on my foot. Star gazer lilies are my favorite flower. This would be awesome in whites and pinks.


I want this so bad I love dandelions every time I see one I have to pick it and make a wish!

Inspiring picture b, girl, key, lock, tattoo. Resolution: 500x317 px. Find the picture to your taste!

Lock and key. Would be cute to put the lock over your heart, and key over your wedding ring finger.

i love this. i want this on the inside of my upper arm. if that makes sense.

"Blackbird" by the Beatles. I'm wanting it to represent the Mr Mister song "Take these broken wings" to remind me of my childhood. I suppose I should add "again" to the end of the quote.

pinned this to remember my comment on it haha

I really love the idea of wedding ring tattoos. I'd probably go for something that could be hidden by an actual ring, but I really love how unique these two are, especially the key :) daydreams