Fish Aquarium...the ONLY paper plate project that MIGHT be acceptable because it's super cute! Other than this - leave paper plates out of the art room!

Fish Aquarium Craft Kit by SmartBottomKids on Etsy But if you would like to make your own, you could just use 2 paper plates, paint, shells, sand and paper or material for the fish.

Héél leuk én decoratief!

sculpture flowers craft rolls -- very pretty and a great craft for older grade school kids

Thumb Print Hyacinth Craft Project

finger-print Flower Craft - this will be a great craft for Mother's Day next year -- the doodlebug's fingerprints for his Mom. (leaves could be hands)

Vouw van papier een kegel, en maak je eigen kip. Leuk voor pasen of om op school te doen.

Fold a paper cone, and make your own chicken. Cute for Easter or to do at school.

knutselen lente - Google zoeken

Vogelhuisjes van melkpakken **idea to remember--use milk cartons in the spring to make these birdhouses:)

Lavoretto fiori

cut lily pads, then with square paper concertina fold and glue flowers onto it

Lente, gedichten

Lente, gedichten

Lente ruimtelijk knutselen

Lente ruimtelijk knutselen