aka klein on the road again

tolle orte und momente sollte man einfach genießen!
269 Pins
the band is playing on stage at night
Saxophon Solo bei der Spider Murphy Gang
a man standing on top of a stage holding a microphone in front of purple and yellow lights
Neues Gesicht bei der Münchner Freiheit
an old church with a clock tower in the background
Blue Sky bei St. Ursula und Blue Nile
a man standing on top of a stage in front of a large group of people
Mustasch oder nicht Mustasch das ist hier die Frage
two men on horses in front of an audience
Kaltenberger Ritterturnier
a table with various objects on top of it
Jahresausstellung Akademie 2018
a person holding a piece of paper next to some cards on a table
Panini Sammel Fieber
a concert scene with the stage lit up and purple lights shining down on the audience
Alanis - can you feel it
a crowd of people standing in front of a building at night with lights on the ceiling
Rathausclubbing 2018
many people are sitting in chairs outside at night
white dinner am Brunnen der LMU
a statue of a lion in front of a building with grass and trees around it
Die Freiheit verteidigen
an aerial view of a concert venue at night with bright lights and large crowd in the foreground
Pearl Jam in Prag - 21 Jahre Später
Hallo aus Prag Fashion, Hallo, Dress, Slip Dress, Maxi, Maxi Dress
Hallo aus Prag
a large screen in the middle of a room with an ornate doorway and window behind it
Casa Amatller
a model of a castle made out of plastic
Immernoch ein langer Weg bis zur Fertigstellung der Sagrada Familia