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Amon Kalagin

Amon Kalagin
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Concept spaceship art by our friend Sam Brown. Keywords: concept spaceship three dimensional model build render paint by profess.

4b499945db5af31f7a8c240cf0fe0085.jpg (JPEG-Grafik, 2458 × 1200 Pixel) - Skaliert (78%)

Redeemer Gunship - by David Simon “The Four Horsemen final entry in Cloud Imperium Game’s “The Next Great Starship” competition, which went on to take first place. Team Four Horsemen is: David.

"I'm here to drink milk and kickass and I've just finished my milk"

SYNDICATE concept - early weapon prototype concept Weapon concept I did when I worked on Syndicate for Starbreeze Studios - published by EA Games.

Free Adult Male Planar Reference Skull (ZBrush file) by Daniel Crossland.

Great for studying the basic form and proportions of the male adult skull. What you get: - Planar skull ZTL (Zbrush or higher)

Human Eye Sculpting Reference Model by Philippe Faraut.

I thought I had a good way to make eyes for my little sculptures, until yesterday. I would hallow the head out once it was hard enough to do so without collapsing. Then I would smoosh in eye bals f…