I was born in the wrong era.

This is crazy! Old time ad actually encouraging women to gain weight to look good in a bathing suit. Oh how the times change!

Corset Tattoo

Mandala Corset Tattoo by iris-flower. Love the way a corset tat looks in the back.not so sure about the front.

corset tattoo RubyStrawbridge

Check out these beautiful, yet painful, tattoos down the spines of men and women who are creative and brave. Check these out for some awesome spine tattoo ideas

Doll Boots-BJD (ball jointed doll) BLACK GOTHIC CROSS & SKULL BONES 1/4 msd

Doll Boots-BJD (ball jointed doll) BLACK GOTHIC CROSS & SKULL BONES 1/4 msd

corset tattoo... so sexy, i can almost feel the scraping of the needles on my skin, vibrating off my rib bones

Binding Corset Tattoos - Inked Magazine I'd never do one of these, as a tattoo, I'm totally buying a corset one day but I love the idea of these tats!

4 1/2 Inch Gothic Boots Lace Up Boots With Buckles Studs Black Sexy Boots Chunky Heel

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Corset Piercings #ouch

One of the newest trends in body modification comes in the form of corset piercings. The corset was an undergarment made for women primarily worn in the It’s intent was to use a metal brace disguised as lingerie that used a series of.

i wish corset piercings always looked this attractive... maxxxx

Surface piercings are special types of piercings performed on one skin surface.