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This helmet was discovered in a ship burial from Valsgarde in Sweden, c. 7th century AD

‘Sigurd’s Helmet.’ An artifact found in a pre-Viking gravesite in Sweden, it represents the mortal hero Sigurd (from the Volsunga saga from Iceland, but also known as Siegfried), a favorite of Odin and a great warrior.


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ANGLO-SAXON: Found at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, UK. Burial Mask.

This was listed as an "Anglo Saxon Burial Mask" although I am pretty positive that's a wrong description. I believe it's a chieftain's helm, but I'm no expert.

Medieval German helmet. Usually worn over a leather head cap, this type of full-face, unlined helmet was heavy and interfered with the line of sight. It did provide adequate protection against smashing strikes to the head but it would more likely not protect the wearer from a long sword. An additional impediment was that this type of helmet tended to move once sitting on one's head as it was usually made to just a rough measurement of the wearer's head.

A helmet from the High Medieval Period went by many names – the Great Helm or Heaume, also called Barrel Helm, Bucket Helm, and Pot Helm. It is a helmet t