Quinoa gefüllte Paprika

Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Mexican quinoa stuffed peppers {easy + vegan + GF + so good! Flavorful fiesta quinoa is stuffed into these pretty pepper packages for an awesome weeknight meal. Love to top it with some guac!


Lasagna Roll Ups - this has been one of my go to dinner recipes for years! I love that you can make half and freeze half or make a full batch because the left overs are just as good! So good I even ma(Baking Eggplant Vegan)

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Garlic Shrimp Alfredo Pasta – a simple, dinner! Shrimp is cooked in butter and lots of garlic, then tossed in a homemade, very creamy white cheese Italian pasta sauce (with the four-cheese blend)


Best Herb Roast Potatoes

Best Herb Roast Potatoes--The ABSOLUTE best roast potatoes recipe you will ever have! Brushed with sweet herb butter or olive oil (if vegan)--crispy on the outside and tender on the inside--pure potato LOVE!

Kleine Anleitung zum Verzieren von Cupcakes

{Cupcake Monday} How To Frost Cupcakes with a Beautiful Swirl


Do an off white row on bottom and top and a purple row in the middle? Then top layer smooth adn have it white with sunflowers or some type of flowers. SO VERY PRETTY!

Es ist der erfrischendste Trend des Jahres: selbstgemachtes Eis am Stiel. Wir verraten unsere sechs Favoriten und liefern die Rezepte gleich mit.

Sommerliche Naschereien - Eis am Stiel

Eis am Stiel - selbstgemacht - 6 tole Rezepte *** Homemade Lollipop Icecream Recipes (Vegan Grilled Cheese)

Das ist mal ein Kuchen

Funny pictures about Polka Dot Cake. Oh, and cool pics about Polka Dot Cake. Also, Polka Dot Cake.

kleine Monster Torte mit Marshmallow Frosting

kleine Monstertorte mit Marshmallow-Frosting

Geburtstags Kuchen perfekt als Geschenk

Cake Boss Letter Impression Set Image Sweet messages from the heart — easily personalize fondant or buttercream covered cakes and cupcakes with names, initials, anniversary or birthday messages and dates with this letter and alphabet stamp set.

cute caramel toppers

Basic Caramel

Basic caramel: 1 cup granulated sugar and tsp fresh lemon juice. The caramel will harden quickly upon cooling. Great for a garnish.