Aleksandar Savkovic

Aleksandar Savkovic

Aleksandar Savkovic
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Aasbøs dream LC500, Khyzyl Saleem on ArtStation at

A few days ago I asked my buddy Fredric Aasbø what his dream Drift Car would be, he responded with the (had a feeling he would haha).

how engines work - The Steam Engine

how engines work - The Steam Engine.with D-valve

Diesel fuel injection- direct intake

Take diesel-engine technology, throw in a two-stroke cycle, and you've got the basis for the huge engines found in trains and big ships. Learn about the diesel two-stroke engine!

Basic Car Parts Diagram | Disc brake components

Disc Brake Diagram - This disc brake diagram outlines how disc brakes work. Visit HowStuffWorks to check out this great disc brake diagram.