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Erik Frydenborg, Stereo Liquidation

Cherry and Martin is a contemporary art gallery located on the west side of Los Angeles at 2712 S.

PorousPorous.2014.jpg (1500×2257)

PorousPorous.2014.jpg (1500×2257)


Cocolia is a creative Studio based in Barcelona. Specialized in Graphic Design, Art Direction, Set Design and Image Creation.

Swedish art director Anders Brasch-Willumsen has created a series of digital images inspired by sculptures of the Japanese art movement Mono-ha. Translating as ‘School of Things’, the movement presented minimal sculptures created in a specific context, often combining man-made and natural materials. In ‘Rocks and Light’, Brasch-Willumsen explores the ephemeral nature of Mono-ha sculptures. When considering that many of these works exist only as photographs, Brasch-Willumsen was compelled to…

Swedish art director Anders Brasch-Willumsen's digitally-rendered "Rocks and Light" series references materials used in the Japanese art movement Mono-ha.

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