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iN tHRee WOrdS I Can suM UP evERYtHINg i´vE lEArnED abOut liFE - It gOeS oN!
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This modern, subway art style piece uses important dates in your family. The top 2 dates represent the couples' birthdays, the middle is a wedding date, and the latter dates represent the birthdays of your children. A wonderful addition to any home.


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First aid for babies and toddlers. Every parent should pin

What to do if baby is choking. Once your baby starts solids this is an absolute "MUST PIN". I'm grateful I learned this and CPR in high school. This saved both my children from choking to death when they were little guy's.

Meatball Sub on a Stick - great for New Year's day. Bet these can be done gluten free, too!

Ingredients : 1 lb lean ground turkey cup whole wheat bread crumbs cup grated Parmesan cheese 1 Tbsp dried Oregano 1 Tbsp dried Basil 1 Tbsp dried Parsley or cup fresh chopped tsp Crushed Red Pepper 2 cloves garlic,